Capstan Services is all about making your business more profitable through effective use of technology.  Want to know how we can help your business?  Just select an option below and we will send you more information about how we can help your business!
About Capstan Services
Startups and Small Businesses have very special technology needs.  Unfortunately many small businesses thing they cannot afford or do not need technology help -- This can be a costly mistake down the road.  Click above to learn how to avoid mistakes made by small businesses.
Midsized businesses have a special set of challenges and Capstan Services loves to tackle them!  Even if you have an Information Technology department you are likely to benefit for a partner that can help you through a project or be available when you need some extra help.  
Technology is just plain confusing for anyone trying to make their business successful.  Find out what we do in plain english and get some questions answered like...    Whats an MSP and do I need one?  Is my business at risk of data loss?  Are my systems secure?  How can I be more profitable than my competitors?
Free Stuff!
At Capstan Services we always stay up to date on the latest security vulnerabilities, zero day's, patches and other security risks that could affect our customers.  We have decided to make the unprecedented decision to share this information with everyone.  This list is intended for Technology professionals.  If you are not a technology professional and need help with security please select "How can Capstan help to protect my company?" for the Learn More section above.
Yes, we said FREE helpdesk.  We spent a lot of time and a ton of money to find the best helpdesk solution for our business and our clients.  We learned that there is huge value in sharing a knowledge base with our customers and decided to share our amazing helpdesk with other companies too!