Support your way

If your business relies on technology then you need to have a quality helpdesk at your disposal.  Capstan Services can provide you helpdesk support as part of a support agreement or on an as needed basis. Our technicians are prepared for problems from quick break-fix issues to complex issues which require onsite support.  We make getting support easy by allowing you to open support tickets the way that suits your needs:

Open Support tickets via:

  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Website

Advantage: Hybrid Helpdesk

Our helpdesk is not a one-size-fits-all solution.  We understand that your business is growing and that your needs change over time.  This is why our hybrid helpdesk solutions are designed to work along with your internal resources.  We allow tickets to be shared between your staff and the Capstan Services support team.  This allows us to supplement the resources that you already have while giving you the confidence that there will always be resources available.  Do you just need to fill in certain depth skills like SQL server or Network Engineering?  We can step in when you need us and allow you to keep your current resources for day to day support. Our hybrid helpdesk is 100% flexible.

Our Secret Sauce: Free Hosted Helpdesk

We know that the only way to properly collaborate on a hybrid helpdesk is to have a single shared system.  We are so committed to the concept that we have decided to give it away for free.  Thats's right, we provide free hosted helpdesk free of charge -- even if you are not currently a Capstan Services customer.  This approach allows us to deliver a higher service level than our competition and it's a feature that our customers love!  You will get your own helpdesk that is completely private and separate from other customers except for our solutions database where we allow customers to share solutions or keep them private.  This allows you to immediately leverage shared knowledge which saves time and money!